Why a Podcast in 2019?

There seems to be a trend in this blog. So then, why a podcast in 2019? Aside from the fact that pretty much everyone seems to be starting a Podcast this year which I don’t really know if it was a subliminal trigger or if I’m actually upset for the fact that now it seems that I’m following the crowd. Anyway, paranoia aside, I needed a place where I could be able to talk about photography without bothering too much my poor friends and colleagues. I bet they feel safer now… even if they are forced to listen to the podcast which I bet is being actually muted 90% of the time. Initially, I actually wanted to start a YouTube channel with the same purpose but the thing is… I don’t really want to start a YouTube channel where 99% of the time it’s me talking straight to the camera. I have enough troubles accepting my voice from the outside, I need some more time accepting the combination of both voice and face.

I need more time to actually accept the combination of my voice and my face.

So I decided to start a podcast which is easier but way less then I expected, and I decided to make it in Italian because as a friend of mine suggested, if videos are a combination of vision and audio; a podcast is all about your voice and it-must-be-good. Good enough not to be annoying to listen to. Good enough that listeners can focus the attention to the content rather than to compensate the accent or the misspellings.

And here I am. Alea iacta est, I started something which I’m trying to improve overtime and more importantly that represents the first step toward the idea of the YT channel that is still in my mind, firm and steady.

By the way, if you are Italian or if you understand it, go over to Spreaker.com and check out my podcast.

See ya!